SA 8000:2014

SA 8000:2014

SA 8000:2014

SA stands for Social Accountability, This SA 8000:2014 Certification is used for Social Accountability System standard. It is applicable to companies of any size who wants to address the ethical and social aspects of their Business.

A Social Accountability System confirm to customers that the company holds satisfactory provisions for the protection of Labours or workers rights.

Apart, it also ensures ethical production of all manufactured goods by the companies. SA 8000 certification helps organizations to demonstrate your commitment towards social accountability standards as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

SA8000 is an international certification standard that encourages organizations to maintain, develop and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace or company premises.

this Certification can be applied to any company, of any size, anywhere in the world, which has become very important in the present market. SA 8000 is renowned as a leading Social Accountability System standard for the organizations and factories across the world. This standard assists the organization to demonstrate its dedication to the fair treatment of workers and labours rights. The job of SA 8000 is to measure social performance in eight areas that are relevant to social accountability in the workplace.

There are some predefined elements of SA 8000 Standard that includes:

1. Child Labor

2. Forced or Compulsory Labor

3. Health and Safety

4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

5. Discrimination

6. Disciplinary Practices

7. Working Hours

8. Remuneration

9. Management System

SA 8000:2014 is the latest and current version of SA 8000. It has replaced SA 8000: 2008, which was published in June 2014. The employees or workers are free from any employment fees and costs. every organization that has been certified with it must ensure that they must have a Health and Safety Committee consisting of management representatives who monitor the health and safety hazards.

SA8000 Key Requirements

  • There must Be senior management led
  • There should Be focused on continuous improvement
  • There should Be focused on prevention rather than reaction
  • There should Be supportive of Employees or workers rights and employees or workers participation
  • There should Be compliant with local laws/codes
  • There Must Be systematic in addressing problems-Car's Process

Benefits of SA8000 Certification

  • It helps in enhancement of company’s productivity.
  • It helps to Educate workers about labor rights.
  • It also Motivate employees with improved morale.
  • It helps to Improved performance and recruitment of workers and employees.
  • It helps to Increased reputation of the company and brand.
  • It brings Better supply chain and management performance.
  • It helps to improved image and position in labor markets
  • It helps for Better corporate image
  • It helps to Increased value for the products
  • Trust building with the analysts and investors when evaluated against social performance

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