International buyer compliance

International buyer compliance

A Brief Study About International buyer compliance

International buyer compliance plays a vital role in enhancing the work Premises environment, as they would often visit the work premises to track compliance practices. They are responsible for reducing pressure to improve the growth of a business organization.

While making the purchases, one of the most important things that have become important with the prices and the quality of the products is the presence of the proper work environments and the welfare of the workers. More specifically, the term international buyer’s compliance refers to the corporate entities act following the rules, guidelines or the standards that are applied by the Potential buyers and meet the requirements of the buyers in their daily operations.

At present, buyers’ compliance has become a major problem, as they are one of the leading participants in a business deal instead of a seller or manufacturer .If in case a seller/manufacturer fails to execute with the requirements put forward by the buyer, the seller would bear a huge financial loss along with brand reputation and credibility in the market. They have certain conditions, which should be received between the shipping and preparation of goods.


The international organization has failed to notice compliance issues but the compliance requirements have changed a lot alongwith price and quality of products.

International buyer has a highly influenced on garment owners to enhance the work environment of companies or their factories and several reputed corporate organizations.

Requirements for international buyers’ compliance:

There are certain factors that are to be considered by any company in order to ensure that the working environment is safe for their workers. The policies of international buyers’ compliance is listed below which are consider during these audits:

  • There should be no child labor.
  • There should be no forced labor.
  • There should be transport facilities for the transport of the employees.
  • There should be definite hours of working for the employees.
  • The work should be voluntary over-time.
  • There should be a time interval for rest.
  • Weekly holidays must be there.
  • Annual leaves should be granted to the employees.
  • Festival bonus and leaves should be given.
  • Maternity protection should be given to the female staff.
  • There should be a committee for the welfare of the workers.
  • Health & Safety - First aid boxes and services must be provided.
  • No discrimination
  • Freedom of Association
  • Wages and Benefits Hours of Work
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment
  • There should be good work Environment
  • There should be fire extinguishers and other methods of protection available on every floor of the building.
  • Health care activities should be there for the workers.

PM consultancy provides the assessments to various clients (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Coles, Sainsbury’s,   K – Mart, Next, Bon  – Ton,  J. C. Penney, Dillard’s, Auchan, Sears Holding, Tesco, GAP, HBC, H&M,   M & S, MGB, Levis, Lablows, Next, Spiral, Primark, Lowe’s, Lidl, Unilever & etc.)  with tools to determine vendor’s conformance with local Laws, different standards and the Code of Conduct Company subscribes,

Pre-Assessment Process:

The Lead Auditor gathers information that will assist the team to perform an effective and focused assessment, using information available from:

  • Collects the information from libraries and databases
  • Collects the information from available Web-sites
  • Analysis of Applicable government and legal information
  • Direct consultation with NGOs and other interested parties regarding the facility being assessed and/or local conditions for the industry.

On-site Assessment Process:

  • Opening conference with management
  • Interview with union and other worker representatives
  • Visual inspection of the facility, photographs as evidence.
  • Confidential interviews with workers
  • Review relevant records
  • Cross-check and review information gathered
  • Additional investigation as necessary to reach conclusions
  • Closing meeting with management

PM consultancy has established assessment tools and audit equipment’s, procedure to carry out these audits.

A Code of Conduct (CoC) is a set of rules & regulations governing corporate and business practices according to acceptable standards. After implementing a Code of Conduct (CoC), a company or organisation is committed to operate its business with the highest standards of business ethics, which exceed the local law requirement. These standards are generally customised to meet international retailers’ requirements in Europe and the United States based on International Labour Organization (ILO) requirements. Each brand and importer can develop their own Code of Conduct (CoC) standard to which vendors are expected to adhere.

Companies are required to perform consistent audits on its vendors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Code of Conduct (CoC) throughout the supply chain.

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