Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS)

Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS)

Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS)

Initiative for compliance and sustainability is neither a label nor a certificate. It is a grouping of ICS members, renowned international retailers, and global brands. The initiative group works with an objective to improve the people’s condition at work. The primary agenda of ICS is to ensure that the working atmosphere of the companies doesn’t get affected by the implementation of any government regulations. A set of common tools have been created by ICS members that helps in the sharing of knowledge and mutualizing audits.

ICS member brands and retailers have been working together since its creation to sustainably improve conditions for people at work, and responsibly support their supplying factories to implement progress and compliance in the production sites around the world.

The action of ICS is based on shared tools and methodology that is applied by their own members. These members also manage the audits of the Initiative for compliance and sustainability. The data is developed by the members of ICS through topics and countries. Along with your supply chain, the sustainability policies help in the prevention of disturbance occurring in the production which helps in the protection of your brand. The ICS has been growing and now has 45 multinational brands and retailers.

After sending an order from the member of ICS, the retailers must follow a series of steps that are given below:

  • Contact the suppliers for the collection of the fee, the conformation of the audit window and the profile of the factory.
  • Conduct an on-site audit in which there must be an open meeting for the review of documents, interviews of the employee, tour facility, pre-closing of the meeting and closing meeting.
  • Releasing the report and uploading it to the database of ICS.
  • Within 12 months, request for conducting a follow-up audit.
  • Request for the conducting of re-audit no later than 24 months.

Around the world, they work with 9 audit companies. The quality of these companies is measured by statistical indicators and comparative analysis. These members share a common monitoring rule when the identification of critical non-conformities is done and also share various audits on the database of Initiative for compliance and sustainability.

How ICS Helps Companies:

ICS purpose is to Help the companies or their factories supplying its members to sustainably improve conditions for workers and labours at work.  The major decisions of all audits initiated by ICS members are registered on the ICS database and exchanged among the ICS members in order to avoid unnecessary repetitive audits.

ICS enables its member companies to collaborate with common tools, to mutualize audits and to contribute to the reduction of the ‘audit fatigue’.

ICS actions are based on a common methodology applied by all ICS members and fortifying a complete control of the audit process by brands.

  • ICS audits are mandated and managed by member companies or organizations, which ensures a total control of the use of ICS tools.
  • ICS members share common monitoring rules when critical non-conformities are identified in the factories.
  • The ICS members promote the ICS scheme and follow the established guidelines. Basic information is shared in order to equally monitor the audit decisions and to initiate the repeated improvement of working conditions in the source countries.
  • The vast majority of ICS audits are semi announced or unannounced.
  • Audits are only performed by third party ICS-accredited audit companies.

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